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Monday, July 6, 2009

ScarFace : The World Is Yours (Rip)



Scarface: The World Is Yours begins in the last scene of the film, where Tony Montana is being attacked by Sosa's assassins. The player takes control of Tony, who then kills all the assassins, including the one who kills Tony in the film. His last surviving men inform him that the police and the DEA have arrived and raided the mansion, causing Tony to escape through an underground passage. He arrives in an undisclosed location, and begins making his recovery from the assassins' attack.

While recovering, he reminisces about the mistakes that he made while admitting he has a cocaine addiction. From that moment on, Tony goes cold turkey and vows to get revenge on Sosa. With his drug empire in shambles and his assets seized by the authorities, he must start from the bottom once again and rebuild his empire to get his vengeance. The game then starts on Tony's new path to glory - kill many of Tony's competitors, and finally raid the mansion of Sosa and kill him. The player makes contacts, friends, and sets up accounts with banks to launder his or her money, though this in itself takes a percentage of it depending on how far the player is in the game and how good his negotiation skills are.

Early on Montana buys his mansion back from the authorities and the game allows a great deal of customization. The player buys and deals his own cocaine using a mini game with which you try to get more cocaine for less money, and sell a gram of cocaine for more money. The banks are used to save and launder money, while also acting as save points.




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