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Monday, July 6, 2009

V8 Challenge pc iso


V8 Challenge - ISO

With the roar of the V8 engine, this game almost makes you feel like you are racing on Bathurst.

Motor heads, petrol heads, racing fans and the like will get a blast from EA's latest offering, V8 Challenge. The game itself lets you play the top Australian teams such as the Holden Racing Team and the OzEmail Racing Team on authentic Australian and international tracks such as Sandown, Queensland Raceway and Bathurst. With beautiful track design and weather effects, accurate and realistic car damage. The review machine is a Pentium III 1000Mhz, GeForce 2 MX with 320meg of ram and the game ran perfectly with full detail on a resolution of 800x600x32.

Install Notes:

1: unpack the archive
2: burn the image to CD or mount with daemon tools
3: install the game
4: either jam in the cd or mount the image to play

Game is fine here in XP as it was in win98 for long time. i never looked really good for a nocd so there is none. i just mount the image to play it here. to each his own.

Graphics are really good for an old game. and game play is great i used to play it with a gamepad for years. but much more fun with my momo wheel. the car physics is to me very good with good control in slides etc. nice in car view along with several other views. its a very well done game. tracks are tight and twisty makes for a very good challenge. and the AI does not roll over and surrender they make you earn all ya get.

md5sum of the bin inside the rar.

no password needed



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