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Monday, July 6, 2009

FIFA 2001 (Rip)


FIFA 2001 Rip [ 101 MB ]

The 2001 edition of the EA Sports FIFA franchise features the moves of six top players who were motion captured in Holland. Other features include improved facial animation, more joints in player skeletons, and supporting-player audio when the ball is out of play. EA Sports promises defenders that mark better, goalies that play smarter, new animations, smoother transitions, blending between animations, precise contact points in player-ball collisions, natural movement in turns, speed variations, and players showing different urgency around the pitch. The controls will stay similar to those of FIFA 2000 except for some skill moves. Linesmen, coaches, and bench players are animated, as are the crowd members, some of whom have props. Because Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) licenses the game, it includes authentic kits and team logos, plus full player names. There are over 60 national teams, and during season play, second-division club teams can be promoted. You can organize multiplayer games between two computers via a modem, several computers over a network, or over the Internet with the EA Sports matchmaking service.

Installation Notes:

1.: Unrar and run Install.exe after completion run setupreg.exe to update registry.
2.: Go to 3dsetup directory and run 3dsetup.exe to choose your graphics adapter.
3.: Start the game with fifa2001.exe





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