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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Counter Strike Source (Cheat Codes)

More Money
Type impulse 101
Wall Hacks
When sv_cheats 1 is on then type in console, must have the botten ~ set on keybord in options, type in r_drawothermodels 2.
 Allow Bot To Join Game For Indicated Team
Enter bot_add_ct or bot_add_t as a code.
 Ammunition For Weapons
Enter impuse 101 as a code.
Bot Automatically Follows You If You Do Not Give Them Orders
Enter bot_auto_follow as a code.
Bots Have A Prefix In Their Name
Enter bot_prefix as a code.
Bots Use Only Knives
Enter bot_knives_only as a code.
Bots Will Not Do Mission Objectives And Will Expect Humans To Do It
Enter bot_defer_to_human 1 as a code.
 Kick All Bots From Game And Leaves Humans To Play
Enter bot_kick as a code.
 Kill All Bots
Enter bot_kill as a code.
 See Where Bot Is Going Give Spawn Indicated Item
Enter bot_show_nav as a code.
Toggle Bot Ai
Enter bot_stop as a code.
Toggle Bot Using Snipers Only
Enter bot_snipers_only as a code
Toggle Bot Using Snipers Only
Enter bot_snipers_only as a code.
Weapon Hits Nearest Enemy
Enter sv_clienttrace 99999999999 as a code.
Enter Cheat Mode
To enter cheat mode, press the ` key to bring up the console, and then type: sv_cheats 1 
Then type in any other cheats!
Change Gravity
Once in "Cheat Mode", enter: sv_gravity # 
Where "#" is a number
Clear Walls
Once in "Cheat Mode", enter: mat_proxy 2
Change Skin
Once in "Cheat Mode", enter: settings
Spawn Props
Once in "Cheat Mode", enter: props!
 Show Stats
Once in "Cheat Mode", enter: net_graph 1
To turn them off, enter: net_graph 0
type sv_cheats 1 in the console then simply type "notarget" in the console (without the"") note: bots might be the only people you are invisible to
 Flying And God Mode
Type sv_cheats 1 in the console, then type noclip. now you will fly and be invincible. its a good idea to bind a key to noclip too. for example: bind v noclip --- now whenever you press v or whatever key you chose, you will fly. just press it or type it again to disable.


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