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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Trine (2009)

TRINE | 567 MB
Release Date: July 4, 2009



Trine will take you to the fantasy world, where the brave knight Pontius, amazingly magu Amadeus and the mysterious thief Zoe to save the world from the forces of evil. But this is not so simply because they are linked with invisible threads of mystical Trine.
Each of the characters are unique abilities and tactics that help them fight with the army of the dead and ingenious inventions. A player is given the opportunity at any time to switch between characters to settle without any problems arising in the way of puzzles.
Trine primarily clings not to the typical platformerov thing: a very beautiful picture. Here the schedule is difficult to describe - it is, how would you say is very soft: smooth animations of all the characters and gadskih creeping thing, madly beautiful and perfectly detailed and general levels of variegation (but not vulgar) colors in the amount of force you time and again be distracted from the process kromsaniya opponents and vegetables, licking, scan panoramas by clicking on the button withdrawing screenshots. Your browser is just the point lamenting that the game, despite its volumetric, blatantly flat: robust mechanisms for working shoulder hero, and tasty interior elements will not be able to feel: the designers Frozenbyte Korpela on them just so they rushing across the screen your monitor at a speed of trains «Red Arrow».
In the main highlight of Trine promised tricks from the physical system, Ageia PhysX. Unless you're playing for the warrior and thief, no technological innovation, you do not uglyadite: housebreaker-war Pontius, cover heavy armor, and only does that cut parts of their skeletons in with sword and shield hiding from enemy attacks particularly brazen incident debris, and flying it fayerbollov, while a thief named Zoya affects creeping thing at a distance shot from a bow, and moves through the levels jumping, clinging to projections and beams using hook-«cats». But this can not be compared with what can vytvoryat the local magician at a funny-hat on behalf of Amadeus. Umelets moving objects at a distance pokruche Uri Geller and causes of the huge boxes of air, a heavy load falling on the heads of hapless enemies. Fortunately, fantasy authors are not limited to providing you the opportunity to build a pyramid out of everyday items - from time to time you will be asked to assemble a bridge of wood, the force will volshebnichey podtaschit wooden door to a massive cast-iron ram, which razneset obstacle in the chips.


• The three heroes with different abilities and capabilities
• At any time you can switch to one of three characters, the most appropriate in this situation
• invent passage puzzles, based on realistic physics - there is always another way!
• 18 levels, ideal for graphics and Sound
• 12 types of weapons with four levels of improvements, giving 48 combinations of deadly devices

System requirements:

* Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista
* CPU: Dual-Core CPU or better
* RAM: 2GB;
* Video Card: Radeon HD 3800 series or GeForce 8800 series or better
* 1GB of free space on HDD


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