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Monday, July 6, 2009

Micro Machines V4 [PC]

Micro Machines aren't nearly as popular now as they once were, but the miniature collectible cars are still racing in Micro Machines v4, yet another top-down racing game from Codemasters. It's been 15 years since the original Micro Machines game appeared on the NES, and the formula hasn't changed a bit in all those years. Rather than focusing on bringing the series up to date or even just polishing up the presentation, v4 simply adds more of the same--a lot more, in fact. This game has more weapons, more tracks, and more cars than you could possibly know what to do with. But for all that content v4 just isn't fun to play. The novelty of racing tiny cars isn't as entertaining as it used to be, which leaves v4 sitting on four flat tires.

There are 750 vehicles to collect, but unfortunately most of them are generic and bland.

The most notable feature of v4 is its impressive array of collectible miniatures. There are a whopping 750 cars to collect in the game, and you can even trade them online. The vehicles are divided into 25 classes such as concept, muscle, off-road, and even gas guzzlers. You collect these cars by completing more than 75 single-player challenges in the game. The collection aspect of the game makes sense given the Micro Machines license, and it provides you with plenty of incentive to keep playing the game. You can race any of the cars that you've collected, or you can just go into the garage and look at them. The problem is that the cars look very generic and lack some much needed detail. They look blocky and are painted in dull, flat colors, and there isn't much variety because although there are a ton of vehicles in the game, many are just different colored versions of the same model. If you have a decent monitor and can crank up the resolution, the PC version of Micro Machines does look far better than the other versions. The backgrounds and cars look much clearer and detailed, although they still don't look especially impressive. The vehicles don't sound unique either, with a constant and annoyingly high-pitched whine being the universal engine noise in the game.

Name file: MMV4.iso
size: 1,11 GB


PASSWORD : enjoy


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