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Monday, July 6, 2009

SCAR (Racing Game)



Squadra Corse Alfa Romeo (SCAR) is the first “CARPG” videogame ever developed.

It’s stunning racing simulation, with ultimate physics and graphics unite at classic Role Playing Game’s rules.

During his career, the driver collects experience points, thus achieving new levels, which rewards him with skill improvements and even undiscovered skills.

Choosing and driving an Alfa Romeo, players will learn and develop from the beginning all the skills an expert driver must to have.

Competitions both in race-circuits and in fast&furious street races, crossing beautiful italian locations such as Tuscany hills, and Sicilian seaside, or fighting in the streets of Milan and Florence.

SCAR is a high specialistic videogame, thought and developed as the first racing simulation product in which players can determine their career progress as in a Role Playing Game.

Once the player begins his career, he will have multiple choices for improving his skills, while his AI opponents will make the same, becoming stronger and driving as a real pro-driver of the fastest championships

SCAR redefines the genre boundary for racing games, focusing on the development of the Driver above all else.

Experience and Skill-based approach.

Means there’s more to the game than just driving – it’s about earning experience, winning items, and choosing and developing driving Skills as well.

In SCAR palyer will be able to use the revolutionary Tiger Effect! An interactive mechanic that literally allows the Driver to reverse time for a moment, simulating a great driver’s ability to anticipate multiple possibilities at once and “see into the future”.

SCAR permits the player to:

*Uniquely develop a driver over the course of a race career
*Win awards, special items and increasingly competitive leagues.
*Compete with high-skill detailed A.I. opponents
*An everyday driver can learn to be a pro!



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