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Monday, July 6, 2009

Mob Enforcer RIP



The setting is Chicago in the 1930s, a time of corrupt law enforcement; Puritan-inspired prohibition laws and liquor distilleries pumping out moonshine faster than the “man” can bring it down. Most of all, it was a time of stylish mobsters with a lilting slang that’s as distinctive today as it was then. Pin-striped zoot suits, classic Model T Fords and gin joints; it was a legendary time that has yet to truly be recaptured. Mob Enforcer follows the trials of one Jimmy DeMora, a fresh-faced young recruit to the Capone organization. Our young protagonist has an ambitious drive to become the number one muscle for the biggest underworld boss in Chicago. No easy feat, but a towering sense of drive coupled with a ruthless willingness to use firearms in public make for potent allies in the quest to become the best of the worst. DeMora gets his orders from a higher-up in the family called Joe Tessio, a character who’s never seen in person, only heard as a sinister voice over the phone. Along the way, you’ll find yourself silencing rats with loose lips, busting up stores of shop keepers who are paying protection money to the wrong families, taking down illegal distilleries owned by rival gangs, busting out of jail, bribing corrupt police chiefs and ultimately coming to the defense of the besieged Capone himself.

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